Brexit-Principalele informatii pentru Romani in UK

Brexit: cum evolueaza lucrurile

10/10/2016 UK Government heading to “hard Brexit”

pound-and-dollarUltimele stiri ne fac sa credem ca Guvernul Marii Britanii a ales “hard Brexit”. Hard Brexit = renuntarea la single market si controlul imigratiei. Acest lucru denota intentia Marii Britanii de a nu face concesii in ce priveste libera circulatie a cetatenilor europeni in UK si mai inseamna ca un sistem de vize este inevitabil in aceasta situatie.

29/06/2016 Brexit: implicatii pentru cetatenii romani in UK

Primele impresii despre iesirea United Kingdom din Uniunea Europeana. Un articol noi Romani in UK. Citeste aici…

01/07/2016 via BBC News

Labour’s John McDonnell outlines five conditions for Brexit deal

In his speech in London, John McDonnell set out his conditions for Brexit, saying a new deal should include five conditions.

These include: maintaining a seat on the board of the EU’s investment bank in order to ensure money continued to flow to the UK, even after Britain had broken away from Brussels. The Labour plan would also guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK and Britons living on the continent.

Our aim must be to ensure freedom of trade for the UK businesses in the EU, and freedom of trade for EU businesses in the UK. Second: no EU citizen currently living or working in the UK will have their residency rights affected, and no UK citizen currently living or working in the EU will have their rights affected. Third: existing protections at work, provided by the EU, must be maintained. Fourth: the UK’s role in the European Investment Bank should be maintained. Fifth: rights of UK financial services and companies to win business across the EU must be maintained. Any path through the negotiations that does not respect these guidelines will be liable to have severe consequences for jobs and protections at work.”

04/07/2016 Theresa May’s rules on immigration are a disturbing sign of the country we’d become under her leadership | INDEPENDENT

Candidatul partidului Conservator la functia de Prim Ministru nu exclude posibilitatea ca cetatenii EU sa fie nevoiti sa plece din UK in viitor.

05/07/2016 Government refuses to guarantee EU builders can stay | Construction Enquirer

EU builders The Government has refused to guarantee that European Union nationals already in the UK can stay once we leave the EU.

Uncertainty currently clouds the future of thousands of EU workers in the construction industry. Read More…




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