Eating healthy foods it’s not rocket science

eat healthy food every dayHealthy eating means a healthy life say experts. Healthy eating is not as complicated as some nutritional experts make it out to be. It is not rocket science to eat healthy every day. Forget the jargon, the talk of carbohydrate-to-protein ratios, phytochemicals and antioxidants – we have an easy way for you improve your eating habits. Here are a few simple tactics that will help you to get more of the stuff you need into your diet while eliminating the stuff you don’t. The best part? Before long you’ll be dining like a nutrition expert, without even thinking about it.

Take your vitamins every morning

Evidence is mounting that a standard multivitamin fills enough of the gaps in your diet to make a real difference. A recent study showed that people who took a multivitamin supplement and 200 I.U. of vitamin E for 10 years were half as likely to get colon cancer.

Pile onions on everything

Research has revealed that onions are so healthy – they’re a top source of heart savers called flavonoids – that it’s practically your duty to eat them lavishly on pizza, burgers, sandwiches and, of course, big green salads.

Drink iced tea

The more we learn about tea, the more healthy it looks. A single serving of black tea has more antioxidants – crucial to your body’s defence against heart disease, cancer and even wrinkles – than a serving of broccoli or carrots.

Eat a snack every day at 3pm

A nutritional boost between lunch and dinner wards off fatigue and keeps you from overindulging later. Just don’t scoff down a chocolate bar. Try yogurt and fruit, oatcakes and low-fat cheese spread or a hard-boiled egg, with an apple. All of these foods will give you long-lasting energy. Make sure to keep your thirst quenched with plenty of water…read more on Men’s Health online magazine.

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