Presedintele Romaniei nu poate garanta securitatea granitelor

Recently the UK has been doing all it can to keep its emigration levels down. However, it now appears that there is a new threat to the UK’s plan. This new threat comes after the Romanian president says that he cannot guarantee his border security. Due to this, fears have risen over an influx of Romanians trying to gain entry into the UK.

Traian Basescu said that any delay in allowing Romania to join the Schengen agreement would see 271 million euros in spending designed to tighten up border security frozen in protest. He went on to say that Romania has met all of the technical requirements to join the agreement. For those that do not know, this agreement allows EU citizens to travel across the Schengen zone without a passport.

Mr Basescu said that a delay is discrimination against Romania. He asked if Romania just sit there like spineless worms as some seem to suggest. No, he responded, Romania should flight for the rights of the 22 million Romanians who have the right to respect. Romanians have the right to be in the Schengen zone as well.

via Romanian President Cannot Guarantee Border Security | News.

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