The women and men debate-part one

Women that don’t need men

We can’t live without men or we can’t live without women. This is the club of realistic people. Most of the people are in this category. Then something goes wrong and you jump into the skeptic group: we CAN live without men and we CAN live without women.

Because I’m a man I’d like to look at what the women has to say about living without men.

Women without men become quickly depressed. This is not something they like to admit up front. Usually they play cool: my Dear, I’ve got more time for myself for my carrier and for getting the car out of the garage. More time to water the plants and more time to brush my teeth. How pathetic is that? Women like these are craving men. The more they deny the deepest the depression become.

Women that don’t need men are having a problem. Their problem can be named with different names but most common are: selfish, noisy, untruthful, etc. Make a note: etc can be another one thousand things. Why do I say they are having a problem? Because is in the woman’s nature to need a man by her side. A man is good not only in bed but everywhere.  Man is good to wash the car and to fix the door. A man is good to carry the shopping bags and most important: a man is good to give his opinion when the woman has gone shopping. A man can mend a fuse and fix the toilet seat. A man is a treasure in the house.

A woman that doesn’t need men admits that she can fix the toilet seat, mend the fuse, carry the shopping bags and fix the door. This is not true. The truth is the door is going to be left broken, the toilet seat wobbling and the light not working.

And for the ladies who say that they don’t need a men because there are vibrators out there let me tell you something: the vibrators don’t cut the grass!

To be continued…

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