Top 10 natural disasters in the modern world

The Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster in March 2011 brought Japan to its knees but the brave people of this country emerged from the wreckage and started to rebuild their country. Almost 26000 victims (so far) and significant economical damage made this natural disaster one of the most expensive natural disaster in the world. But let’s have a look at some other very costly and deadly natural disasters in the World.

10 – Izmit earthquake – Turkey 1999 – cost $ 26bn

This 7.6 magnitude earthquake tore through the country in just 37 seconds, claiming the lives of more than 17000 people and injuring 44000

09 – Hurricane Ike – US  2008 – cost $ 30bn

Hurricane Ike was so powerful that after destroying much of the Caribbean and making landfall in Texas its effects could be felt as far north as London, Ontario, which saw downed power lines and uprooted trees.

08 – Chuetsu earthquake – Japan 2004 – cost $ 32bn

The Chuetsu earthquake actually proved to be several major tremors that rocked Japan minutes apart from each other. During the first 66 hours of the disaster, a total of 15 significant quakes hammered the region, injuring more than 3,000 people and killing 40

07 – China 1998 – Yangtze River floods – cost approx. $ 40bn

Continuous rains during the spring of 1998 resulted in three straight months of flooding in China’s northern provinces. As many as 4000 people were killed by the floods, which also drove 14m Chinese from their homes, and 18.3m acres of the country were evacuated.

06 – USA  1992 – Hurricane Andrew

This is the most powerful hurricane to hit the US in the 20th century, Andrew touched down in August of 1992. The Category 5 storm’s gusts reached 272 km/h, demolishing southern Florida and much of Louisiana’s coastline

05 – USA 1994 – Northridge earthquake – $ 43bn

Almost 9,000 people were injured in California, and the Santa Monica Freeway – often reffered to as the busiest highway in the US – was so damaged that it took three months of repairs before it was fully reopened

04 – Italy 1980 – Irpinia earthquake – cost $ 52bn

03 – Japan 1995 – Great Hanshin Earthquake – $ 144bn

Japan’s most devastating modern earthquake before the recent disaster lasted just 20 seconds but ruined much of the nation. Kobe, the city that suffered the worst of the tremors, lost 4,600 people alone, about two-thirds of the 6,434 final death toll

02 – China 2008 – Sichuan Earthquake – estimated $ 147bn

The 2008 earthquake in China’s Sichuan claimed the lives of nearly 70,000 people. The quake left as many as 11 millions Chinese homeless, many in remote, mountainous areas of the region not accessible by emergency crews.

This natural disaster in China was the most deadly in the World until…

01 – Japan, March 2011 – Earthquake and Tsunami disaster – cost over $ 300bn to date

The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami March 2011 is the deadliest and the costliest natural disaster of our times. A 8.9 on Richter scale magnitude earthquake brought the destruction to thousands of Japanese people.

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